Life is Hard

Life Is Hard

By Jessica McClendon


Life is hard

surround yourself with beautiful things

Soft music (Chopin’s Nocturnes for a broken heart)

a pleasing home

remember to open your curtains and let the morning sun in

wear your softest t-shirt to bed

keep the sink clear of dirty and smelly dishes

life is hard

the angst of the soul and the brokenness of the heart

somedays swallow you whole

fall apart in a safe space of your own making

hang up your clothes

paint your nails

Place your favorite things in a place where your eye catches them easily

when you need to cry

make sure your pillows are covered in satin

and your room smells of lavender

life is hard

no one can ever truly tell you how hard

pain is relative and runs deep, unimpeded for years

it won’t come on your terms

keep your space a refuge

a still and unmolested haven created to heal you

don’t let anyone dishonor or destroy it

life is hard

Love yourself when the world is too broken to

Close your door when chaos screams down every street

curl up with your favorite book in your favorite chair with your favorite socks and wait

It will pass. All things do.